Barco SLM R12+ DLP video Projector for hire on London events

Video Hire: Barco SLM R12+ DLP high brightness widescreen video projector for conference events in London hotels, Awards shows on Park Lane, Exhibition stands etc

Barco 12k projector
Barco TLD lense in 12k projector
Barco TLD lense in 12k projector

Barco SLM R12+ DLP hire, 12,000 lux video projector for widescreen, large format Video presentations at Conferences, awards shows, Film premiere events, Comes with 0.8 lense for back projection, or 2 to 1 long lense for front projection. Comes with DVI/HDMI input for DVD shows, VGA/RGBHV input for Laptop, and SDI input for camera, video switcher mixer.

We have 5 of these high brightness projectors available to hire.

We also have HDMI to SDI adaptors and long lengths of SDI cable. We also have DVId fibre leads for digital link from front of house to back of room We also have 2m high racking to lift the projector up to center screen Note this is a large heavy noisy projector for professional production shows, not for home parties!
Can deliver in van from Dartford into London, for one off day events, or longer roadshows

Can deliver after 1st April 2016

Online booking form for Barco projector rental

Special Offer July/ August 2016 For two months we are offering a Technical operator/ projectionist (normally £250 a day extra) included with the daily hire rental of £600 per day

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