Flare Audio Speakers

Flare Audio Triwave i10 Line array hire, and Quadhorn bass bin rental, Site Updated Jan 2015:


Turnaround360 AV Line Array PA speaker system Hire company, based in Swanley, Kent, are pleased to announce that we have in our 2014 sound rental fleet the Flare Audio Triwave i10 triamped 1kw speakers, up to 14 boxes a side, supported by 16x 2.5kw Flare Audio Quadhorn dual 18″ bass bins. We use Dolby Lake LM26 Dante processing and Lab Gruppen Power amplifiers

We offer Flare Audio Line array pa speaker system for rental on summertime outdoor Festival, Arena Tours, Sports paging, jazz concerts, Redbull motobike events, Mela festivals and November fireworks events.

we also do Indoor Live music band events in Sports halls, Hotels, Theatre, and Speech on Conferences and Churches.

We are based in Dartford/ East London, and have store room in Henfield, Sussex, (close to Lancing Coast)

For flying, we also have 7m tall 800kg truss speaker towers, or 9m tall 750kg PA masts for hire, Click here for our online booking form 7m or 9m tall tower Mast for £250 or £300 a day rental

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