Updated Feb 2015: Turnaround360 AV Hire in East London are the official UK/ Europe distributor of the excellent sounding ADMark/ Pacrim Line array Butterfly design Live Sound Hire PA Sound system, designed in Germany, but competetivly manufactured in the Pacific Rim region for Pro Audio installs into Large scale stadiums, Sporting arenas, Hotel conference venues, Houses of Worship, Theater halls, and outdoor Concert festival areas, and now availiable from stock over here. Typical 16kw Triamped system comprises of 3x active L5a Mid/ top butterfly design cabs, linked to another 3x 8 ohm Dual 10″ / 2x 1.75″neo HF passive L5 cabs, we recommend a minimum of 6 per side. This allows a classic J curve patten with 6 HF drivers coupled together for longthrow, and then the next lower 6 HF drivers with 2-10 degree seperation starting to angling downwards for shorter throw use below the flown tower array. 2x matching Dual 15″ active bass bins can be flown too, or ground stacked, adding 4kw of bottom end. Better still, bigger Dual 18″ sub bass Passive Cabs are also availiable to enable long throw chest punching bass, and we also stock the smaller L3 infill range (Dual 8″ and single HF) can hang underneath, this makes up a full outdoor concert 20kw system.

Flying frames, Flight cases, Link pins, speakon mains leads, 7 or 9m tall Truss PA flying towers all can be part of the sound rig package.

Remote Laptop monitoring of each active power amp in the speaker via RS232 in Cat 5 network cable is included.

We also stock a smaller range of L3 line array speakers, Dual 8″ and only a single 1.75″ HF butterfly speaker arrangement. 1x Active L3a, linked to 2x 12 ohm passive L3s per side are suitable for Indoor School Halls, Places of worship, Center Cluster, Front of stage infills, Low ceiling Hotel Conference sound, or used on Delay Towers within the design of the L5 systems main outfront stacks. They can also be laid on the front of stage as low height, wide angle, even dispersion pit rail infills

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